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As a member of the Loveland and Berthoud Chambers of Commerce constantly meeting people in business, Maryjo enjoys turning the spotlight on local entrepreneurs in print, such as Heather Janssen of get born magazine, Social Media Evangelist Joel Comm, Five Savvy Business Women, and voice talent Linda Joy.  


Maryjo Faith Maryjo MorganMorgan had a vivid imagination as a child, drawing and making up all sorts of greeting cards and booklets.  She worked on the school newspaper and was editor of the yearbook.  Although journalism was her major, she did not pursue writing seriously as a career until 2004.

First she had an amazing one and a half year long European Adventure, living steeped in Germany’s culture and traveling historic Western Europe.  A brief sojourn back in Colorado was followed by two years sunning in southern California.  There she found many kindred spirits in Venice at Beyond Baroque , a literary arts center.

There was a writer's workshop almost every night of the week, and she dabbled in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and screenwriting.  Suddenly, everywhere she looked there were topics that she had to write about, stories clamoring to be told.

Fred and Maryjo, partners in life and businessThe truth is, Maryjo finds people infinitely interesting, their unique stories fascinating.  Her descriptive writing style adapts to a wide range of subjects.  Each assignment is an opportunity to delve into something new and give it her fresh perspective.  Interviewing and researching fit well the broad pallet of her varied interests.  Happily, she has come full circle and remains deeply immersed in her ultimate passion ~ words ~ and the worlds created by them on the written page.

Although she loved experiencing Herrenberg and LA,  Maryjo is delighted to live once again in her beloved Colorado, close by blended family, friends, and little ones who know her as Gramjo.  She writes from her home in Loveland and uses a laptop when wandering the crossroads.  She is blessed with a very bright and useful partner Fred Richart who created these pages and Fred's Used Websites. He is blessed with a creative daughter who did the graphic design.


Just for fun ...

Maryjo dusted off her accordion a Christmas Season or two ago, and was happy to give some children their first-ever sight of an accordion close up. She didn't let lack of practice stop her from having fun Christmas caroling. "It is a good thing kids don't care if I make mistakes - they just sing louder!" Her writer/artist friends, sisters Kate and Laura posted her playing "Away in a Manger" for the Klein's Family gathering on YouTube: