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What Her Editors Have To Say


"We work with a lot of writers and Maryjo is a pleasure to work with, dependable and a true writing professional."

Sara Nesbitt
Ruth Pankratz
Production Department
Proven Systems Corp.  




"Having worked with numerous writers in the past 14 years, I can honestly say that Maryjo Morgan has been one of my favorites to work with. I can assign her an article about virtually any subject and rest assured that she will give me an informative, interesting, and well-written piece that is delivered on time and requires little if any editing."

Linda Pliagas, Manifest Media Partners
OceanScene, Editor & Art Director
Los Angeles, CA




"Maryjo Faith Morgan is a terrific writer who takes time to make sure her work is accurate.  She has a wonderful attitude, is dependable, flexible, polite and always pleasant.  Her poise, enthusiasm and life experience is beneficial when it comes to meeting new people or adapting to new situations.  I am  proud to have her represent my newspaper."

Diane Margolin, Publisher
The Santa Monica Star
Santa Monica, CA